Press For Change Publishing is a publishing company with a difference. It takes on projects that would be rejected by traditional publishers as too risky or unlikely to sell in traditional markets such as bookstores. Instead it publishes books that can be sold primarily directly either online, in person or in bulk. In addition, Press For Change Publishing lives up to its name. Its products are about making a change or a difference. Not necessarily in a political or social way, but by doing something differently.

Press For Change Publishing is a small company. We do not have big budgets for marketing. We do not have the resources of the big New York companies. But we do have creative and original ideas. We expect to have strong sales through unusual channels and by selling directly. We are happy to discuss future projects, particularly projects that can develop into a strong line for us and for our readers and customers. We are also interested in quality. We will not take on a project that does not meet our standards.

We are currently looking for books by Young Adults or that are different from the current crop of Young Adult books put out by large publishing houses. We are also looking for interesting niche books that would appeal to a specific segment that is underserved by existing publishers. In either case, books must meet our quality standards. Please do NOT submit any material, but we do welcome query letters that simply propose a project that matches our criteria in one page or less. We cannot answer all queries but DO read them all. Submit queries to [email protected].

Press For Change Publishing is not like existing publishers. We want to hear from you and we want you to be looking forward to our forthcoming releases. Email us at [email protected].